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How to quiet cam phaser noise

how to quiet cam phaser noise that did the same thing. 99. upper valve cover noise could be injector or possible cam follower lifter issue. most noticable in second gear. Camshaft Drive with Inverted Tooth Chain Piston slap is caused when there 39 s too much space between the piston and the cylinder wall. 5 and ond 4. I haven t heard much about cylinder wall scoring however. GM in 08 09 had TSB 39 s to address the noise issues and some option parts like the covers for the HP pump to remove much of the noise. The noise is definitely not associated with typical cold start valve ticking etc. I bought the truck 1. The cam phasers are used to advance and retreat cam timing. 4 liter is available in the Ford F150 F250 and F350 pickups as well as the Expedition sports utility vehicle. pressure the more the phaser and camshaft turn. 4L engine was diagnosed with cam phaser oil problems causing a tapping noise. I 39 m going to remove the passenger side wheel well cover and look better. So totally worth it. The noise is extremely faint but I do hear it from idle up to around 1800 2000 ish RPM where I lose it in the exhaust tone. If this is an older engine which has over 200 000 miles on it the Sea Foam additive will give it a power boost. Engine is very quiet after this initial rattle. Was told it is the cam phaser. Mar 12 2019 My only concern is the dreaded cam phaser issue. In 2004 and prior years the GM 4. I change the oil every 5 000 miles with Valvoline Synpower. After a while the tapping stopped but now after an oil change the engine has a vibration. 6L 3V. Aug 13 2014 A cam phaser is a mechanical device that changes the valve timing depending on engine rpm. This is the 3. Car manufacturers have been doing this for years just to meet EPA and CAFE standards. Now that cam phaser decelerating rattle is normal when engine is cold but not when hot. 0L engine may exhibit a light to moderate knocking type noise at idle 600 700 RPM that is sometimes described as a quiet diesel type 17 Dec 2012 was a cheapier way to quiet the dieseling ticking noise like adding thicker on my truck and never have to worry about noisy phasers again 14 Apr 2017 Ford Quick Tips 74 5. A TSB was released in November 2018 with no known cases on any related forums of the TSB correcting the abnormal engine rattle noise. I believe the vehicle to have a timing concern or a bad phaser . 6L The 4. If the noise intensity is more than a lightly audible knock at hot idle under 1 200 rpm at engine operating temperature replace the cam phaser using the camshaft In Vehicle Repair procedure found In the Workshop Manual. It 39 s also the straw that broke the camel 39 s back. The engine knock may be caused by an interaction between carbon that has formed on the piston the piston motion and the cylinder wall. Could be cam phaser or a bad guide. The noise seems to be coming from the front timing chain cover. Umm my car does it too but I doubt it 39 s a major issue as so many cars have it and so few engines blow up. 4L Triton automatic 120k miles was making a loud clingy noise after it had warmed up. A recent data log I did below shows the slow part throttle rise in rpm blue line . 2 Archoil AR9100 Aug 15 2011 Ford use to change the cam phasers but has long since stop and proclaimed the noise is normal. Dec 05 2018 However the noise you and I and others have is the same sound just scaled down in volume and this noise has never been explained. Buying a 2010 with cam phaser noise Discussion in 39 3rd Gen 2007 2017 39 started by My 39 09 xlt cost 1 3 of that and is so quiet I can barely tell its on Jan 05 2016 Ok let me give you the scoop I replaced the cam phasers and timing chains. Compare 2009 Subaru Forester Timing Cam Gear brands. Made me realize no company should have my total loyalty while feeding me shit. At hot idle I hear the classic quot diesel quot idle indicative of the cam phaser issue. managed to back in the Cam phasers make noise due to a lack of oil pressure in two cases The inner rotating piece connected to the cam shaft contacts the static outer piece connected to the sprocket pulley. You should only hear the tick at idle and it sounds louder if you listen in the wheelwell area. Can I have them fix the cam phaser under the read more Cam scored and cam journal lobes of cam pitted tensioner collapsed chain making noise phasers done. 4 is the the phasers hydrolic tensioners and the plastic chain guides. It may be necessary to rotate the sprockets to align the locator dowels. Ford has isolated the problem to 2005 07 vehicles with cam driven water pumps. When I searched for those I got a lot of info about startup noise with the gears but it was a short 1 2 second quot clatter quot that disappeared. Apr 04 2019 Hyundai finds new engine problem prompting another recall Hyundai issues yet another recall to fix problems that have affected more than 6 million vehicles during the past 3 years. It is especially important that when the variable valve timing actuator fails the vehicle should be inspected by a qualified professional prior to replacing parts. Once oil pressure built quiet as a mouse. The cam phaser I would say wounds most like lifter noise from a 70s car that ticking noise. They replaced the cam phasers and it was alright after that. Yes it does sound like the lifters are tapping. Ford Phaser Option http www. 5L non turbo with Fram filters. The light green line is my intake cam timing. Make sure the tensioners get replaced as well as the phasers and running a bit heavier oil helps out too. My guess is the rattle is quiet and over time the vibrations of that rattle cause the pin to snap off and you get the full blown issue. Also could be the oils used in the engine have no detergency in them and the lifters are stuck and need a good detergent oil to clean it out. The Vortec 6000 s new engine control module directs the phaser to advance or retard cam timing depending on driving demands. Nov 18 2018 It was just making a terrible noise. May 03 2016 It could be cam phaser backlash an exhaust camshaft journal making noise or what Sajeev indicates about the fuel injector. Its while the engine idles and would go away as engine warmed up. The phasers are made completely of metal. 4 growling noise coming from engine seems to be from the cam phaser. Noise is loud enough now that I fear accelerating timing chain damage possible failure. He says the truck is fine except for that constant ticking that Ford says is from the CP. that many people have. 6 with 78 000 km. I definitely traced the noise to the valve cover cyls 1 and 4. Jan 12 2016 Over a period of time the timing chain can stretch which can cause the chain to skip a gear on the cam or crank shaft. 5 lifter noise Engine makes lifter noise after replacing cam bearing cam shaft lifters oil pressuer 45 Chevrolet 2006 Malibu question cam and one for the intake cam. To date this truck has been very quiet and very smooth. I know some of the newer models used cam phasers and needed exactly the right oil to operate correctly. hope this helps Guy listens with stethoscope and says that the passenger timing chain is making the majority of the noise and that cam phasers MAY be part of the issue the timing chains need replacing. New cars use hydraulic components to cushion the lash. 2L to get cammed and so I have tried my best to document the entire process for anyone else that is looking to do the same with theirs and as I found out in the process the new L87s have a brand new cam phaser vs previous models. gtemnykh may be right too. You are not a technician you are not an engineer you are not anything. Aug 05 2019 If you have ever heard anything about there cam phasers going out this was part of the problem. So without further ado lets get onto some pictures It might be that the cam phaser is giving you problems. The ticking noise is caused by an improperly torqued exhaust camshaft. the OEM oil pumps start to wear Dec 31 2015 The end result is the phaser noise eliminated went on a long 2 hour drive and the sound is gone Our take on why the phasers were noisy before the oil change and quiet afterwords the likely to be restrictive Cheapo Oil Filter and possible old oil being too thick Cam Phaser Lock Out Kit Camshaft Bolt Gasket Repair Tool Fit for Ford 4. Oct 29 2015 My 2007 Ford F 150 5. Nov 22 2011 My truck with 184k miles has been making the dreaded cam phasers noises for about 2 000 miles. J. Dec 01 2009 if you hear it at idle through the wheel wells you have vct phaser noise slowly increase the rpm above 1500rpm and if the noise goes away your phasers are going bad if it is there the entire time then you have an oil control housing that is reducing oil pressure to the lash adjusters and cams Bought new in 2006 4. upper front will generally be a failing phaser. I had a GMC Terrain 4 cyl. Personally I think the V6 is a great motor. 2010. The truck is still under warranty but claims Ford will not replace the This brief approximately 1 second loud rattle noise sounds like jerking a chain quickly out of a plastic milk jug has happened with my 2004 V6 3. There should be 12 chain pins between the exhaust cam phaser triangle marking and the intake cam phaser circle marking Be sure to properly mark both sides of the cam chain at the phaser timing marks with a paint pen or equivalent Following these marking procedures will ensure proper re installation of the oil control valves. On cold start I hear about 2 seconds of quot clatter quot sounds like something is quot loose quot on top of the motor. I am coming across this problem very often probably at least once a month despite my shop being small and I work with all makes and models not just Fords. 4L 3v Camshaft Phaser Knocking Noise Fix. But no it is idling and driving as good as ever. He said they 39 ve had people complaining of the noise but it hasn 39 t caused any real issues just annoying. Just today I popped the hood and noticed it sounded even worse like a diesel. See this video for further explanation it does a good job explaining what it takes to fix it IMO . I would suggest that you collect your documentation together and call your dealer to schedule a meeting with the service manager. 6L is the 2 valve model and I don t think there are any issues with cam timing etc. Be ready to put up a fight if you still have the noise after the repair. Both of the engines I mention call for 5W30. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. In Canada ford recomend 5w30 because they dont have the tight standards like we do and they had very few cases of them having cam phasers problems. The repair facility should be willing to take a look I would think at no charge. This is normal Ford says. 6L V6 LGX features an all new cam drive system that contributes to the new 3. In addition the spark plugs and timing chain was the source of the failure as well. 0 straight six with around 150000 miles on it and when you first start the jeep it runs with no lifter noise then it reaches a certain temp and the lifters start ticking then after full warm up it quiets back down Somewhere i heard if you run a can of sea foam in the oil for a few miles then change the oil it cleans the lifters and stops them from sticking just Sep 14 2020 My wife 39 s old 4. So we did the swap over to the lockouts and then limiters and the noise is gone and has not returned. 2016 White Colorado LT 2WD Ext. Bob wrote I had the supposed classic piston slap noise and I changed the grade and type of oil and brand of filter and the noise that I had every winter for the past 3 years went away completely. When you get on the gas in the 2005 it sounds like it could all go flying apart. If it 39 s malfunctioning could cause valve noise IMO. Mar 03 2016 The 2004 has only 14 000 miles yes 14K. Here at Advance Auto Parts we work with only top reliable Timing Cam Gear product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. Order your parts online or pick them up in store at your local Advance Auto Parts. I 39 d bet 10 that it 39 s the cam phaser making the noise. 4 Nov 2016 Noise and or failure of the variable cam timing phasers is a well known issue on the 5. 5 months ago and I still have the dealer 90 warranty. These noisy cam phasers will eventually fail and a failed cam phaser can potentially lead to engine damage due to lubrication issues. Some 2017 2018 F 150 vehicles built on or before 10 Jul 2018 and 2018 2019 Expedition Navigator vehicles built on or before 8 Apr 2019 with 3. The problem was blamed on a couple of different issues. day one with the over haul. If the noise intensity is more than a lightly audible knock at hot idle under 1 200 RPM at engine operating temperature replace the cam phaser. I don 39 t know if this is the problem you 39 re having but it sounds almost the same as the ticking 92 knocking noise that the 5. However anything can happen. 4 3v engine and i have that cam phaser knocking noise. You look around to try and figure out whose car nbsp 3 Mar 2016 I 39 ve heard it has to do with the cam phaser on the 3V 5. Exhaust manifolds must be able to slide on the cylinder head slightly as they expand due to high heat. having built a few hundred chevy engines over the years i can tell you that what i am hearing is NOT bearing or piston related. Works great and keeps the engine quiet. I just got done with 2007 5. When they gone bad they will make rotational swish noise at IDLE if you bring the engine idle up to over 1800 rpms the noise goes away then its the phasers. It was noisy even after the phasers were replaced so I assumed it was just that way. 4 3V engines is the dreaded 39 phaser rattle 39 This happens when the variable cam timing phasers can no longer be controlled by the ECU due to wear in the phaser or lack of oil pressure volume being delivered to them. 00 grand or more for low km 5. 4s. The system is designed to lower emission output give a wider torque range improve gas mileage and improve engine idle. it 39 s not cam chain idler related and it 39 s not cam phaser related. What Causes Cam Phaser Failure. The injectors often buried under a plastic intake that removes most of the noise. Does anyone know what this could be I have been looking online and some people have been saying to replace the motor mounts. Hey everybody in this video i show you the most common cause of the phazer noise on the new 3 valves ford engines and give you the best way to get to it wit Mar 09 2017 Cam phasers noise issue on Ford 5. In this video I go over in detail the procedure to swap out the Cam Phaser to get rid of that annoying knocking noise at idle It is easier than you think. 20 on amazon. I would certainly fix it. I suppose It made sense to eliminate all possible causes of the noise before jumping to the most costly option. Made a horrible engine noise with recommended 5W oil after 36 000 switched to 10W 30 amp 40 and runs like a deam the last 145 000 miles. 5w20 starts to brake down at temp of 180 but 0w40 works up to 212 ford will tell you all you need is May 22 2009 Vehicle history 03 vibe awd 38k mileshas been setting code P1349 cam phaser error . When the noise is present and you rev the engine to 2000RPM the noise will fade away. quiet as ever smileup but will update if it comes back. Remember too that they have a warranty on the passenger side head due to an improper reamer being used in production. I suggested that this might be a cam phaser problem and. The A10 can also make that ratcheting noise but does it immediately after accelerating the engine not clearly after it 39 s decelerating like the cam phasers. The contact stated that there was a knocking noise coming from the engine of the vehicle. 6 5. You have ZERO credentials yet you run your mouth as if you have insider information or even understand how cam phasing works. Responses from f150 owners on various forums all indicate various explanations from Ford as to the cause from normal engine characteristics replacing cam phasers replacing solenoids and buybacks. It almost sounds like an exhaust leak to me. When a 5. Jul 20 2020 The main benefit of Sea Foam is that it works to remove contaminants gum and varnish deposits from the engine. That one I was really concerned about because of how loud it was and how long it took to quiet down which is why I dumped the boosted six in favor of a reliable and tested v8. 2015 noise is returning i had the listen to it and they claim it is normal phaser oscillation and pulsing of oil pressure inside camshaft phaser chambers. Apr 30 2018 I do remember getting a code for the cam phasers but I thought it was tune related as I loaded up a different tune and the cams started working properly. This will be loud especially at high engine speeds. Never throws a code for timing out of spec. Again the tapping may be worse at idle and low rpm and quiet down when the lifters pump up with oil. Jul 23 2019 Then slide the sprocket onto the cam. 3L and a 1997 Ford with the 4. There are just 2 ways to fix this. and his was quieter than mine and I didn 39 t hear the ticking sound. If it is not in gear I can 39 t hear at idle or even if I rev up. Can 39 t say I 39 ve experienced the need for too many lash adjusters. Discussion Starter 1 This is because each quot Cam Phaser quot sets timing separately for each bank. 4 3V Cam Phaser noise before and after replace. Apr 25 2015 Cam Phaser Noise Repair Kit Ford 3 Valve 4. but has anyone tried sea foaming their engine to help with the tick i had a 2006 monte carlo ss with a 5. Compare 2010 Toyota Camry Timing Cam Gear brands. warms up and starts nbsp Find solutions to your lucas oil treatment quiet cam phaser noise question. It explains the noise inside the cab. 6 all in all was is not a horrible engine. Nov 05 2011 If the noise intensity is more than a lightly audible knock at hot idle under 1200 RPM at engine operating temperature replace the cam phaser using the quot In Vehicle Repair quot Camshaft Phaser and Sprocket procedure found in the Workshop Manual Section 303 01 The camshaft phaser can cause the noise you describe and also the drivablity issues. A cam phaser is a mechanical device that changes the valve timing depending on engine rpm. Car drives fine etc. Guy listens with stethoscope and says that the passenger timing chain is making the majority of the noise and that cam phasers MAY be part of the issue the timing chains need replacing. Stop spreading false information and confusing people. To ensure proper performance for this important category Standard and Intermotor VVT Sprockets meet tight dimensional tolerances to improve Feb 19 2017 To the technician s credit he admitted that Chrysler likes to escalate repairs until they get resolved. Jan 19 2014 I have a 2013 ram 1500 5. I would imagine that Toyota uses the same supplier for cam phasers across all of its engine line so it may be part of the problem. Both were replaced under warranty and all was quiet then. 0L engine from time to time for about a year now. So without further ado lets get onto some pictures Jan 22 2011 Your noise difficult to know where it 39 s coming from unless you start really digging into it. It sounds like it 39 s at or near the valve cover or top of head. 63v in her explorer made some cam phaser noise I think. A well known problem with the Ford 5. The camshaft is designed with a helical spline that allows the camshaft to Origionally I thought i was a cam phaser issue but ruled it out when I noticed that the noise was most obvious under the car rather under the hood. 13 Apr 2019 2004 F150 cam phasers I just bought a 2004 F150 4x4 with the 5. 0L last night definitely quieter haha we 39 ll see what numbers they come back with. The people I know that have the lockout installed love it. Manufacturer Communication Number SSM 48445 Summary. The noise could be the tensioners pumping up as well. The ticking noise is coming from the left cylinder bank after engine warm up. jaycool47 Registered. to see if I can rule out specific phaser. Engine is still idling. 3 that had displacement on demand chevys version of chryslers mds my monte carlo had severe lifter tick upon cold starts but was quiet when warmed up. The fix involves removing the valve cover and re tightening the exhaust cam bolts while pre loading the 4 cam cap. However it 39 s possible for an engine to have one or more completely wiped lobes with no lifter tap at all it depends on the design. The noise seems louder on the passenger side front underneath nbsp 22 Jun 2019 To date this truck has been very quiet and very smooth. your issue is likely tensioner and timing chain related. 0 F150 also has some piston slap on warm up. I see very bad reviews on those. Start Up Rattle Some 2004 F 150 and 2005 F 150 Expedition Navigator F Super Duty and Mustang vehicles may have a rattle on startup that lasts 1 to 3 seconds. My money would be on the noisy fuel injector. com The noise made by these actuators are responsible for many engines being replaced and many timing chain tensioners as well. amazon. I am a licensed tech with over 20yrs exp and i drive nissans does that tell you anything . Back in the day throaty engine noises that stemmed from nbsp Ford 4. 2011 Mustang GT 3000rpm rattle under hood YouTube My rattle tends to appear from about 3500 4200 rpm. 4L 3V Eliminates Ticking Noise CDN 35. I 39 m at 116 712mi. Engine pressure passing through the cam shaft and cylinder head activates the cam phasers. I had an 05 and both banks ticked pretty loudly at idle. How bad is this issue Is it epidemic level of just a small percentage of trucks Ford Cam Phaser Noise Repair Kit 4. Mar 08 2013 Interesting something similar plagued a previous model of car I had mazdaspeed3 those were notorious for a startup noise which turned out to be a faulty quot vvt actuator quot which when I look at pictures seems to be identical to the quot cam phaser quot on the hyundai. 1. There 39 s the TSB and others say it 39 s the cam phasers and the noise while annoying is not harmful. Aug 18 2019 To what I know I 39 m the first 6. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ford Cam Phaser Lock Out Noise Repair kit w Bolts at Amazon. Well two issues I had was timing chain and cam phasers failure and the 4 wheel drive nbsp Ticking noise in 2014 5. Cam Phaser Lockout Kit ends ticking tapping or knocking noise eliminates possible piston to valve problems with aftermarket camshafts and eliminates possible cam phaser failure in high horsepower applications. got 2 tunes to test. I doubt Ford is much concerned whether the motor lasts 100k or 500k with the 100k probably preferable to assure a steady stream of repeat customers. fix with cam phaser eliminator and SCT tuner has to be tuned to eliminate the automatic advance and retarding I want to know what you guys have done to fix the issue and how it is going for you. My thoughts are its a problem with the cam phaser lock pin and from what I can see there 39 s really no way of testing it to be absolutely sure it the problem. They are activated by oil pressure through a solenoid and oil path into chambers inside the phaser. I have see the cam followers pop out due to oil grade and pressure issues I have seen camshaft journal wear on these engines too. 2003 Lincoln Aviator 4. Apr 20 2020 A whining or buzzing type noise may develop from the timing chain area caused by excess slack in the secondary timing chains. 4 Triton 3 Valve was diagnosed by Ford to be coming from lower end. 6 5. Most importantly it will quiet the engine down from knocking so much. 5w20 starts to brake down at temp of 180 but 0w40 works up to 212 ford will tell you all you need is Lifter tap is a very common symptom of flattened cam lobes and is often the very first and most noticeable one. but the 4. Free Same Day Store Pickup. I suspected cam phaser on the driver side. My Grand Cherokee only rattles for a few seconds if it sits all night otherwise on short stops it makes no noise. Cab. Ford 4. What you might notice is other noise incident to the crank cam banks not being in a precise enough time but then that sort of what phasers do isn t it A failed cam phaser noise will always be the same intensity. Please kindly note that do not remove the tool Jun 19 2011 Ford F 150 2004 2008 2007 Cam Phaser Noise At Idle When Hot Jun 19 2011. From what i understand ford never corrected it even if you buy the last model year 5. Mar 12 2019 Cam phasers 6 snapped off spark plugs rotted fuel pump module wheel bearings gas pedal throttle body codes. The truck literally cost more to maintain than it did to buy a brand new truck. 4 Triton. There is a cam phaser lockout kit available and I would recommend using the kit instead of replacing the phaser. For those unlucky ones that have replaced the VCT solenoids but had little to no effect on correcting the noise it may be time to read up on how to go about Changing Ford 5. In 2006 Ford issued a technical service bulletin nbsp 7 Nov 2013 But the almost nonexistent background noise makes the pedal a winner. The rough idle within two hours of picking up the vehicle may be something has come loose ie a vacuum line . I will start right off by admitting I am not a fan of FORD s V8 engines particularly the Modular nightmares . It bucks now and will not accelerate and has a very bad loss of power so they called me to see if I could figure out the problem. so far NO noise while coasting or while in mds. The truck ran ok for a few days and then the same noise started again. Our CNC Billet Cam Phaser Lockouts will completely lock the cam timing in the fully advanced position and will eliminate movement and noise associated with failing cam phasers. 4L Phasers and Timing Chain. Once warm my engine is rather quiet. The basic physics of the noise Valve lash is the clearance between the cam lobe and the valve bucket. replace the cam phasers. On cold start when the weather is 20 F or below I hear a little mechanical noise maybe a little piston slap . 7 L the lash has to be large enough to compensate for component expansion contraction due to heat as well as valve seat erosion as the engine wears. Jan 30 2014 The usual suspect on the 5. I have emailed Dorman and asked if they would honor their lifetime limited Jul 09 2015 OK so I have a friend who installed cam phaser limiters on his 04 F150 5. Cause This condition may be caused by the electro viscous fan clutch control function of the Powertrain Control Module PCM attempting to keep the fan speed between 300 600 Jul 23 2019 Then slide the sprocket onto the cam. Injen SP cai Racingline v2 Y pipe Racingline highflow pre cats OBX catback NWP vias delete NWP 5 piece spacers RL strut tower bar RL battery tie down Redline tranny fluid 5 tint on all 5 50 on windshield 5000k HID headlights and fogs Strada eyelids fully debadged Full bright white interior LEDs and reverse lights Custom TWM Mar 05 2019 I 39 ve tried to let it idle once it 39 s to temp in the garage and lay under it and I cant find it. The changeout went well all things considered with working on these trucks. Cam phaser knock is a common problem in the 5. But if the noise is excessive under 1 200 rpm or there are cam related fault codes the problem may be a bad variable cam timing phaser that needs to be replaced. Dec 30 2015 I 39 ve heard 5w30 is better for cam phaser noise but have no data one way or another which proves it. Volkswagen Engine Rattle Not Just a Noise But a Serious Problem Desert Oasis Auto Repair February 16 2017 Volkswagen There is an issue plaguing Volkswagen 2. The three pins in there just fell out. Now nbsp 13 Aug 2014 A cam phaser is a mechanical device that changes the valve I know I am totally over analyzing the phaser noise but am interested in other 39 s thoughts. We were told that there were 225 phasers on back order. 4 motors. 2004 F150 Pickup sounded like a diesel with 104000 miles on it. 4L V 8. My engine has a bit of a funny clatter right at throttle tip in from idle. too thin of an oil viscosity 3. Feb 22 2018 I loose sleep over problems like you 39 re having. The service technician told us that we only need one phaser but other people have to replace more than one for their vans. My Empress Phaser is also reasonably quiet with high gain sounds. The noise is more noticeable when the weather is below 50 degrees. Cam phaser issues were a common problem on certain 3 valve Ford engines and the design has been updated since. 6L 3 valve Triton V8 has a cam phaser problem there are a few ways Jun 18 2011 I have a 2004 f150 fx4 5. Nissan has issued a service bulletin NTB09 128 regarding this issue. Clean the quot Cam Phaser quot with a solvent that degunks the block or change the Phaser and assume that the bad bank is the one showing lean. It has 135 000 miles on it. 73 Cloyes 9 0391SB Multi Piece Timing Kit The best part is our Infiniti M37 Timing Cam Gear products start from as little as 25. My plan was to get the lockouts and put those in. Dec 01 2009 if you hear it at idle through the wheel wells you have vct phaser noise slowly increase the rpm above 1500rpm and if the noise goes away your phasers are going bad if it is there the entire time then you have an oil control housing that is reducing oil pressure to the lash adjusters and cams quiet operation Located on the camshaft VVT sprockets also known as cam phasers help maximize engine horsepower and torque curves while reducing emissions and improving vehicle efficiency. Some get it to quiet down by running a thicker oil than the 5 20 ford uses. Now I use Mobil One synthetic 5W 30 with Purolator filters. Yes it sounds Dec 05 2018 I do not hear anything concerning in that video especially not cam phaser noise. It 39 s impossible to please everyone. Apr 16 2020 A cam phaser is a gear system in the engine of a car that adjusts the cam shaft position while the engine is running. Wreckers want 3 000. noise gone. Sept. I was told by a mechanic it was the cam phasers and it was throwing off the timing so I paid to have them fixed. . Order Ford F150 Timing Set online today. 6L version of the quot Hemi Tick quot I found that the cam phasers are very noisy when they don 39 t have the right amount of phosphorous anti wear as well as cushion between the parts. Our v6 Rav had the cam phaser replaced under one of the TSB 39 s and it cured the rattle issue on startup that we had. Ford 5. I assume its throttle plates and cam phasers reacting quickly. I replaced phaser timing chains tensioner oil pump and it still made noise at idle when it was hot so a change the oil to 0w40 and my noise went away. Lifter noise is caused by the valve train components quot lashing quot back and forth. Before I Truck is quiet and runs like a beast again. Apr 20 2020 My 2013 Azera limited started making noise around 38k the Dealer first put oil additive in it didnt help then they tried thicker oil then they tried different brand oil filter nothing worked only got worse and at 43k they put in new cam phasers variable valve adjusters timing chain and guides and tensioner about 4k on there dime no noise for about 300 miles then started having rough Dec 31 2015 The end result is the phaser noise eliminated went on a long 2 hour drive and the sound is gone Our take on why the phasers were noisy before the oil change and quiet afterwords the likely to be restrictive Cheapo Oil Filter and possible old oil being too thick Nov 14 2019 NHTSA ID Number 10170923. Noise a little quieter but still there so i took it to the local Ford dealership to confirm it. We drove a brand new 2010 Tundra to see if the same noise is there and there were none as smooth as silk. The rattle noise did start from quiet to loud way early on until code P0011 start showing. fix with a cam phaser limiter and SCT tuner has to be tuned to limit the amount of advance and retarding 3. 99 Ticking While coasting update pulled the trigger for the timing chain overhaul. Check prices amp reviews on aftermarket amp stock parts for your 2010 Camry Timing Cam Gear. Strawn TX US Send Comment Add Complaint Also noise The engine had always been very noisy since we bought it at around 56 000km . 4L 3v Camshaft Phaser Knocking Noise Fix YouTube Nov 24 2009 just installed cam phasers in a 2006 f150 5. Car drives fine with exhaust phaser unplugged noise mostly goes away still just slightly audible at certain low throttle application and low speed travel only throws one code that the exhaust timing phaser solenoid is open circuit failure. 4 3V engines Typically when you start hearing a ticking or clicking noise coming from the engine most people fear the worst. 4L 3V engine eliminates the most common failure or issue with those engines the cam phaser. This reduces noise from the front cover area an aluminum intensive area that radiates noise and provides a small drag torque to ensure quiet balance shaft gear operation. the ticking sounds are common to these engines and finding the general area of the abnormal tick clack knock will point you in the direction of repair. The noise is usually more prominent on the passenger side of the vehicle toward the rear of the engine. Jan 23 2015 It is the same after I drive a few miles the noise is gone. ticking sound when accelerating but usually go away or get quieter when you let off the gas. same noise. Got rid of it at 100k noise never changed and the car ran perfectly. I 39 m assuming the MAF going screwy caused issues with the phasers. Apr 11 2015 My Ford 5. It won 39 t do it. 4L and 4. Many exhaust systems have heat shields to protect the spark plugs and wires. This means the phaser is getting no oil which means it needs to be replaced. SOURCE what dose a cam phaser sound like and wear dose. I noticed a few weeks ago late Jan 2018 I could hear a ticking noise in the engine. At cold startup it is nice and quiet. Mar 09 2016 The fact that it only happens after the car sits for a while though makes me think that oil is draining off from somewhere. 200 for kit and 100 for all the gaskets and 500 for his labor. My 39 06 has a bit of that ticking lifter type noise to it. There you are sitting in a drive thru and hear an awful noise. occurs daily at start up or when weather is cold. Next Risinger installs the new cam actuator sprocket bolts by taking the bolts to 30 foot pounds of torque then loosen the bolts one full turn and retorque them to 18 foot pounds of torque followed by an additional 180 degrees. Your problem is likely deeper in the engine having low pressure oil issues broken phasers and or worn timing components such as guides and Royalo Cam Phaser Lock Out Kit Camshaft Timing Mounting Bolts For OEM Cam Phasers On Ford 5. A mechanic told me to go up to 10 30 oil and add Lucas Oil Stabilizer treatment. Lifter tap is a very common symptom of flattened cam lobes and is often the very first and most noticeable one. 2005 Ford Focus When I start my car it makes a loud vibrating noise when I put it in reverse it seems to quiet down some. Jun 19 2011 Ford F 150 2004 2008 2007 Cam Phaser Noise At Idle When Hot Jun 19 2011. Usually the sound progresses to the DIESEL level. When a nbsp . 09 002 14b including a misfire in the left cylinder head and a loud ticking noise coming from this area. 6L being up to 4 dB quieter at idle and under low load driving conditions than the benchmark Apparently the phasers are more commonly called Variable Timing Camshaft Gears. Timing Chain Locking Wedge Tool makes you have extra wiggle room for removing phaser. 6L DOHC V8 AWD For the last year or so this car has made a ticking sound on startup particularly on cold days. 4l 3valve engines. It seemed to be a bit quieter on the Maxlife than the others and nbsp Ford Triton V8 Cam Phaser Knock How To Fix It. Does any one have a cam crank waveform I could reference thank Also saw people say it was the cam phaser or timing related that was the issue. Nov 20 2013 Talked to a Chrysler tech at my local dealer he said try running 5w20 instead of 5w30. Older engines require periodically setting the lash to specifications. Cam phaser ticking noise is usual Quick tutorial on how to check to see if your ticking noise is caused by the cam phasers on your Ford 5. Revved up the noise subsideS. 06 chevy 3. Erratic Cam Phaser VCT Operation 2005 2010 Mustang GT I just finished replacing the oil pump timing chains guides tensioners cam phasers VCT solenoids and cam followers on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT 4. 3 people think this is helpful. Once at full temp no noise. They believe the noise is related to the cam phasers. 4 3V. Dec 22 2008 The car also had an issue with cam phaser noise the all to familiar knocking and tapping noise. 4 L Triton engine and you hear rattling from near the valve covers on the engine you probably have cam phaser fai While driving no noise. I used to run Castrol 10W 40 since new in my 39 92 Daytona 2. it depends on the problem. 5L EcoBoost may exhibit tick tap or rattle type noises from top of engine front cover for 2 5 seconds after a cold start. With the engine warm they have a tendency to quot clatter quot from 800 1300rpm on these year 39 s engine. FTZ HAIC Jan 3 2016 5. after popping the hood at high idle the loudest noise are the injectors. The dual equal phaser can turn the camshaft over a range of 26 degrees relative to the cam sprocket or 7 degrees advance 45 degrees retard relative to the crank . im still pretty new to these hemis. When I press the gas pedal it vibrates the car and is very loud. com gp product B005H7OAE8 nbsp Truck is quiet and runs like a beast again. 0 engines with and without turbo from years 2008 2013 which can happen at any mileage and at any time. At least the really loud cam phasers do sound like that. 4 triton but I believe mine is a 2 valve and did not have this cam phaser issue. The tick noise occurs at approximately one second intervals. John B. The penastar has hydraulic lifters with rocker arms with the hydraulic unit fixed in a pocket and wheel fulcum contacting the cam lobe same basic design configuration as camaro v6. 4 tritons making this noise other than at initial start up I will do the flippin cam phasers if that 39 s genuinly what the problem is but how can this be a common issue nbsp 1 Sep 2015 noticed that the ticking is much quieter when the engine is cold and progressively but I believe mine is a 2 valve and did not have this cam phaser issue. 4L or 4. That does not mean that 100 of all engines going forward will never experience an unrelated cam phaser issue. 6L V6 6 Spd. Mine is a 2007 5. The symptom that revealed this problem was a misfire in the left cylinder head. Technicians may find that the noise does not increase or decrease with changes in the engine idle RPM. Jun 17 2018 I 39 ve also read that someone maybe in this forum actually replaced their cam phasers and they reported that the sound went away until the first or second oil change. Does anyone have experience with the 5. The vehicles in question are a 2000 S 10 with the 4. 4 3V Cam Phaser Fix. Further use can damage the engine. The waste gate in the 3. 10 Apr 2018 These noisy cam phasers will eventually fail and a failed cam phaser can potentially lead to engine damage due to lubrication issues. Just replaced both nbsp 9 Jun 2014 Louder and louder until boom it went silent. 5 Turbos hinge fails and causes a lot of noises like the cam chain. 6 and 5. Ford Cam Phaser Noise and Oil Types 08 13 14 06 27 PM Ford 5. 4 39 s had because of the cam phasers. I checked the exhaust cam actuator solenoid after checking the screens and it having aluminum shavings in it with one screen broken. For the 2018 and up engines it 39 s beginning to look like the ticking noise is something entirely different and it 39 s much louder. Has more power than before however now I have a P0017 code. There is no need for the dealership to change the PCM program as far as I know there isn 39 t an updated calibration. once again they claim NORMAL NOISE Our van has collapsed cam lobes due to failing rocker arms. Spark plug problems remain a central theme with engine concerns. 6l 3v amp 5. Vehicle came in low on oil. It 39 s all the sudden very noisy from just behind the passenger side front tire as well. Notice the green line stays basically unchanged until around 2100 rpm. Feb 17 2012 Timing chain noise or Cam Phaser noise. would 05 Black Se R totaled by drunk slut RIP sad 05 Code Red Se R 6 spd. Jul 01 2015 To what I know I 39 m the first 6. Pretty loud actually almost like a rod knock. Then a couple of tensioners on the engine needed replacing because of a rattling noise. I decided to try an acuator solenoid only The metallic tin like sound you may hear in your audio is an unwelcome annoyance. 4 Triton with cam phaser noise. May 02 2017 sounds like noise is coming from the cam shaft and cam phaser area. 26 Jan 2015 Ford 39 Active Noise Control 39 Engine Recording. Much more than just a cam phaser. My problem was the rattle noise and code P0011. 5. In the 3. Check prices amp reviews on aftermarket amp stock parts for your 2009 Forester Timing Cam Gear. They had a minor oil pressure problem as well. 28 Jan 2014 This kit for 4. I would hate to spend all that time and money replacing it only to find out it was not the problem. Dec 03 2010 2001 F150 5. 4 does tick injectors are noisy. And then throw in the fact that this is done with Torque Actuation that drives the Coyote 39 s TiVCT 39 s Phasers instead of implementing the Some 2018 2019 F 150 and Mustang vehicles equipped with a 5. See all details for Ford Cam Phaser Lock Out Noise Repair kit w Bolts Fast FREE delivery video streaming music and much more Prime members enjoy Free Two Day Shipping Free Same Day or One Day Delivery to select areas Prime Video Prime Music Prime Reading and more. I believe you will find your answer in the second link down on the second page. Some are not quite so noisy. Has some tapping from valve train timing area that gets worse upon light throttle in Park. My opinion these motors are just slightly better than junk. Now it runs fine and quiet. Ford told us it was normal. Read more. It also shakes like crazy when idling up to 2 000 RPM. Specifically the cam phaser in many of these engines begins to quot knock quot or quot rattle quot after a certain amount of wear and tear. Lately with the cold weather here in Chicago it is even more noticeable and as engine warms it Jul 10 2011 I got a 2004 jeep with the 4. The contact stated that while stationary the cam shaft phaser malfunctioned. ran for a while but not quite right. 1 out of 5 stars 4 26. Jan 25 2018 The main problem that causes phaser failure on 5. Re Cam Phazer and Oil Additive Post by TONY4848 Thu Nov 24 2011 1 12 am I think he was looking to by a used 2005 and was wondering if the seller could hide the noise with thicker oil. 0 and i admit that they are not a quiet engine but as far as having issues i have not seen one yet. Sep 14 2019 I agree with you It depends how early did start the problem and how quick got fixed. motor was perfectly quiet at 74k when I bought it and started making noise at nbsp Our CNC Billet Cam Phaser Lockouts will completely lock the cam timing in the fully advanced position and will eliminate movement and noise associated with nbsp The cam phaser changes camshaft and valve timing by rotating the relative position This prevents rotor movement and noise when the engine is started and when gears from the factory allowing smooth gear changes and quiet operation. Audi Reveals E Sound an Engine Noise for its Quiet Electric Concepts. According to the TSB the noise may begin in the first 12 000 to 15 000 miles and lasts between 5 30 seconds. There is a service bulletin for this problem. Paul Masley Founding Member. r FordTrucks A community for everything about Ford trucks F Series or Bronco new or old even E series vans if you will. May 03 2019 Reason I ask I 39 ve been having positive results in dealing with some random tapping and knocking noises lately but there 39 s one sound that is somewhat like a deep tick and is fairly constant at cam speed. When it comes to your Infiniti M37 you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Replace this. If it is a Ford truck Nov 01 2019 A common problem reported with the 5. OT Drove a 5. I can safely say that this is the most common engine problem I am coming across now. Never used any oil for the 12 years we had it. Dec 23 2012 The Australian spec is noteworthy as is Fords 39 supposed recommendation to techs with quot noisy customers quot complaining about cam phaser noise Ford suggests 5W 40 to shut them up. He has another video that explains why it happens too. Get free help tips amp support from top experts on lucas oil treatment quiet cam phaser nbsp 18 Apr 2014 I soon had it diagnosed by a local Ford dealer as Cam Phasers. 6l and 5. From I have learned my truck is a 2v and doesn 39 t have cam phasers. 4 s is the timing chain tensioner. May 14 2019 after a 20 mile run idling in gear i can hear the engine sitting in the seat. I suspect the 39 variable valve oil control valve 39 as that controls oil flow to the cam phaser to vary valve timing. The engine is so quiet I can 39 t even hear it at idle Feb 11 2019 So to reiterate I had thought maybe the chatter was the IMRC but after seeing all the news and issues with the VCT solenoid TSB I 39 m really thinking the 2k rattle and decel chatter is the same issue with phaser chatter due to oil pressure fed to the phasers at various rpms and accelerator position. 4L motor of course. code said cam sensor issue replaced cam sensor. I leased a new Ram. I took the car into the dealer for a diagnosis and they called it piston slap. you let it sit for a day or two and you start it up. This is why Tri Star offers a Cam Phaser Delete Kit for Ford 5. The procedure is the same for all 4. This is oil pressure controlled by variable cam timing solenoids. They put a fuel rail cover on the Coyote at launch. Oct 21 2010 i have owned 2 nissans with the the vq engines one 3. Dec 05 2018 The engine quiet as it is is too noisy and the tolerances we re talking about are something like 3mm or so on a particular link to sprocket relationship. These Ultra Complex Coyote 5. Also the idle is rough but not super nasty. can cam phasers just fail during shipping I mean the dam thing was working fine right before they shipped the engine with oil and since day on in the car noise. The most recently reported issues are listed below. So far. It 39 s a whining noise very similar to a fule pump. This verifys the CAM PHASERS are acting up. New Sound Nov 22 2011 The cause of this noise is a failing cam phaser. 6L engines can also tend to be noisy producing a light knocking sound at idle. 2L engine used the cam phaser on the front end of the exhaust camshaft. truck ran perfect for about five minutes attempted a test drive and the engine started running very erratic before even exiting the driveway. If you have a Ford F1 50 truck with the 5. While the engine is one of the best Ford has ever engineered based on warranty repair numbers it does require care and proper maintenance like all engines. 4 3V Triton engine. one that hold phaser at 5 degrees and other at 0 and then the opposite. from what i can fined some of these trucks make the noise some don 39 t some have made this knocking noise forever with out a problem and some have lost the cams some. 4 liter is prone to three different types of abnormal engine noise. Sep 01 2015 As I looked around on the net for similar issues with these trucks I immediately came across the cam phaser issues that the 2004 s and up were experiencing with the 3 valve 5. 7 and it has a bad rattling noise from front passenger corner been in the dealership 4 times for same problem it is driveing me insane anyone have any idea what this would be. Note it now has 89 000 miles on it. 4 going with 4. Many exhaust systems are tuned to reduce noise and optimize flow. Sep 19 2015 Hey guys I have a Audi A4 2005 B7 When from a cold start I get this annoying startup rattle for 1 2 seconds then it s gone. Similar to complaints reported on issue 15 0131 on 2015 era Ford products needing cam phaser timing chain replacement and scan tool reprogramming. The cam phasers had to be replaced because at start up I was getting a loud clattering sound. came back I 39 m now involved with this and am getting nowhere. The duration is what changes. All audio editing platforms like Audacity Adobe Audition and AVID have tools to help but it s not a sure fix. Also the oil sump location minimizes the potential for pump cavitation noise. Constant rattle or only with throttle tip in. An improperly torqued phaser bolt. 4 3v the noise from the cam phasers is gone runs perfect down the highway and at idol sometimes has a miss goes and comes but when you put engine in a bind like a sharp turn or backing out of parking space engine starts knocking rpm does not drop oil pressure does not drop sometimes will cut off if dont give gas or straighten wheels but starts right Ford 5. 4L 3V engines produced from 2004 2008 or up to 2010 are known for cam phaser issues. Doesn 39 t make any noise The 2005 once it is warmed up sounds like a quite diesel. ca Tools amp Home Improvement. Please check out fordtechmakuloco on YouTube he has videos to address both issues. 4 engine deserves to be addressed in a separate post. 4 3V Ford Trucks especially in higher mileage or fleet More recently sound heard on startup after sitting only a few hours and lasts 4 5 seconds. Cam phaser knock on the nbsp 11 Sep 2015 Ford 5. Phasers do not fail slowly or partially once one fails to lock you will get the same loud rattle on startup there is no quot quiet quot failure. May 15 2020 Runs so much better now. I have purchased the cam lock tool all the hardware and will have the A C reclaimed. Another tech had this first and decided the pcm was bad 2 weeks ago and replaced it. When the vehicle is being slightly revved and I unplug the exhaust cam solenoid it gets quiet . This results in the engine s timing to fall out of calibration and often 2005 Ford Focus When I start my car it makes a loud vibrating noise when I put it in reverse it seems to quiet down some. I thought it blew up and quit. Once the sensor was replaced all was good. The symptoms are very similar to the problems noted in TSB no. Click to expand As your RAV has the Platinum VSA the best thing to do is to make certain that your concern about the noise is documented in writing on a dealer 39 s service department service order for example. Aug 15 2011 A guy I know has a 2004 F150 and says he has Cam Phaser ticking that is driving him crazy. I saw on this forum that a cam actuator could make quite a noise but that seems to happen from the time you start turning the engine over. Tight valve lash tends to be quiet loose lash tends to be louder. A Cam Sensor quot phaser quot needs to be replaced. the OEM oil pumps start to wear Tl the contact owns a 2004 Ford F 150. Only at idle and only after engine is warm. In fact a defective cam actuator solenoid may start damaging a brand new cam actuator phaser. cool and shrink causing the skirt to slap if it got quieter rod knock. My 2018 wasn 39 t just the Cam Phasers I also had a bad Turbo. Joined Feb 17 2012 1 Posts . Replacement of both secondary timing chains and their tensioner shoes will be necessary to repair this concern. Jump to Latest Follow 1 8 of 8 Posts. 4L engine is a knocking sound which is attributed to the cam phaser and bad cylinder heads. 0L engine may exhibit a light to moderate knocking type noise at idle 600 700 RPM that is sometimes described as a quiet diesel type sound. The vehicle was not repaired. 4 3V of both cam Phases to create a fixed gear with no moving parts to make noise or fail. I would have a shop asses the noise and then go from there on buying it something is not right with this sale and the truck it sounds like future problems. Mar 01 2013 It seems that my 09 F150 has developed a troubling noise I 39 m looking for any cam phaser. Apr 28 2020 At 30 000 miles that truck 39 s cam phasers sounded like a worn out sewing machine on startup. May 12 2020 That sounds exactly like the Borg Warner cam phaser issues on 2018 F 150s. Jan 04 2020 That means the original issue causing the cam phaser noise was resolved per the SSM. So I found that the limiters limit the retard to 20 max camshaft retard. Killed any interest in V6 mustang. There is a seal on the backside of them that blows out causing oil pressure loss to the valve train and obviously phasers. He may even sell the truck over this issue. Questions to mechanics A check valve at the inlet where oil enters the cam phaser may have been a good idea in order to prevent bleed down that way the cam phaser would be preloaded at start up. When these fail there is a ticking at idle which will often quiet down as the engine revs up. Mar 12 2013 Most of the noise is from the hi pressure pump on the engine and today most are encased in a foam box that muffles the noise. 3. Mashable. I replaced chain guide and tensioner chain and cam phaser oil pump and water pump and oil pan gasket as well for prevenative maintenance. Jan 28 2016 This infamous ticking noise which pretty much has been concluded as the cam phaser 39 s from all the posts I have read over the years. Western Motorsports Inc 223114 Range Road 285 Rocky View Calgary AB T1X 0J7 Phone 403 243 6205 Fax 403 243 8102 Email fastford wmsracing. Some 2018 2019 F 150 and Mustang vehicles equipped with a 5. After 2000rpm the parts are fully extended and the noise disappears. I was pretty certain it was coming from the passenger side heads. com. The engines were basically quiet until the oil warmed up and that is when the loud ticking noise started. 4. We then drove one of the service manager 39 s Tundra which had about 25K miles and he does have the same similar rattling noise during acceleration as mine but just not as loud. Quiet Operation the 3. I know Rick has a video of it its pretty bad. I took the plastic cowling off the top of the engine and listened with a long screwdriver to my ear. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2003 Ford F 150 based on all problems reported for the 2003 F 150. Billet Cam Phaser Lockouts w SCT X4 and Tune 4. 2L v6 engine. the truck ran ok with a miss found a bad coli pack and replaced. May 20 2010 I agree on the 5W20 but Ford did have a problem with noisy cam phasers on 04 and 05 5. 0 39 s are louder due to the constant quot Snapping Clicking quot that is manufactured by those 4 Camshafts Constantly adjusting the timing of those 2 Banks of 16 Valves on each side. 3 people nbsp 15 Jul 2019 I have to say I do not hear any unusual engine noise when driving but when I Your cam phasers will thank you and the life of your engine will be extended. If the noise is only a lighly audible knock at hot idle under 1 200 rpm do not attempt to repair this normal engine noise. Now there is no noise. I removed the cam phaser and it completely fell apart. Just replaced both phasers with origin The factory oil did make that noise when cold before I changed out the oil. Features and Benefits Coil near plug ignition system with 58X crankshaft position encoder 4X cam sensor and dual flat response knock sensors for precise control of ignition timing under all operating conditions Iridium tip long life spark plugs with improved self cleaning properties which decrease the potential for plug fouling Variable May 25 2018 At part throttle the VVT action of the cam phaser s is very active. I went down the chart for this code and it pointed to a bad phaser. Girl called me back several days later to tell me the quot tech quot nbsp Ford Cam Phaser Lock Out Noise Repair kit w Bolts Amazon. Posted on Jan 10 2010 Responses from f150 owners on various forums all indicate various explanations from Ford as to the cause from normal engine characteristics replacing cam phasers replacing solenoids and buybacks. The result is a quiet smoother Oct 07 2019 With mileage comes the famous cam phaser ticking not to bring up bad memories . The phaser on the left cam Drivers Side is where the noise is coming from so with 120000 miles and a 100 miles a day i am going to go ahead and change the phasers timing chains and tensioners. Cam phaser ticking noise is usual In this video I go over in detail the procedure to swap out the Cam Phaser to get rid of that annoying knocking noise at idle It is easier than you think. It was occurring all the time. Two problems related to engine knocking noise have been reported for the 2003 Ford F 150. With our quiet cabin you can hear everything this engine makes. 4L 3v Phaser Oscillation and Knocking Noise Explained Ford 4. Jul 22 2012 The cam phaser only limits cam timing movement it is usually not the cause of valve noise. Exhaust ticks If you do think it 39 s the cam phaser I recommend just locking them out. My current 2011 5. I noticed the logo on it is Dorman. He said there was a good chance they d end up replacing the whole cylinder head if the cam shaft bearings weren t the culprit. on these. If I turned it off then back on the noise stopped. 0 43. Matches engine rpm them gets quiet Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. i would run sea foam in the oil at 1oz qt. The cam phasers on the 3V 4. The 5. Phaser noise is a distinct rattle sound that will occur a few seconds after startup. 4 V8 Engines. The piston moves up and down in the cylinder and the extra clearance results in a greater amount of rocking in the cylinder producing a loud knocking noise. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It seems to be the only noise left since replacing my exhaust manifold. Aug 14 2013 I have lately seen left cylinder heads replaced to cure the valve noise not cams or lifters and in a rare instance the right head as well. 4L and it seems to effect all model years equally. Tell them you heard about a recall for the CAM PHASERS. So totally nbsp 4L V8 Ford and Lincoln 3 valve engines have this ticking noise problem. 6L 3 Valve Engines Eliminates Ticking Noise Caused By Failing Cam Phasers 3. Assuming the cam phaser timing chain component repair was properly performed. Commonly reported complaints regarding My Ford Touchscreen include abrupt screen failure and unresponsiveness. 2. The tick noise on my 39 18 is coming from the driver 39 s side cam phaser area. You have no technical knowledge or understanding of the automotive industry yet you love to stir the pot and start rumors. 14 Dec 2015 The 5. how to quiet cam phaser noise


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