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best ranma crossover fanfiction Recommended by Ronfar Status Complete A Ranma 1 2 crossover with Sailor Moon that manages to nail Ranma 39 s tone so perfectly in a crossover that it 39 s almost unbelievable. I 39 ve been all over the internet and fanfiction. So rather than Ranma meeting Usagi Tuskino of Sailor Moon he replaces her in the Sailor Moon universe narrative. When a freak accident from a lightning strike swaps Ranma and Ryoga 39 s minds Ryoga goes absolutely mad and after Ranma blurts out Ryoga 39 s secret to Akane that he is in fact P Chan when Ryoga refuses to switch back Ryoga then tries to use Happosai 39 s Nanban Mirror to enact revenge against Ranma by traveling into the past to kill his rival. Enjoy. You can find in on FF or SB. quot quot Hit her while she The New Lives Saga Sailor Moon Pok mon Zatch Bell One Piece Ranma Naruto Fuku Fic New Look Series Not quite a crossover rather a collection of stories from a range of series Of Gods and Men Death Note Harry Potter On a Clear Day You Can See Forever Ranma Sailor Moon Ah My Goddess minor characters only linkffn 11027086 Steelbadger is the master of LOTR crossovers and Harry feels very in character in this story after being dropped into another universe OP introspective compelled to help others . I 39 ve never done this before so please forgive me if this doesn 39 t seem at all professional. Action Hogwarts Harry Potter Crossover Percy Jackson Nico Di Angelo One halfblood more powerful than all Must go to Hogwarts to prevent the fall The pit of torment shall rise again This time bringing the dark lord with him The girl of gold will be the key To stopping the war and ending misery But what price will she have to pay To save the Dec 31 2019 Wait this is fanfiction. Ranma fanfiction UPDATES 03 19 02 quot Cool Mornings quot won 2nd place at the One Shot stories award at The Ranma Fanfiction Awards. 6. creative raac newsgroup Ranma subdirectory. . May 21 2007 Comedy Adventure Ranma . Ranma E a pen name for writer Richard E. 63 KB. Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Ranma 1 2 Fan Fiction Crossover Fan Fiction Hime quot Honesty and straightforwardness is the best policy Urd oneesan. 1 260 articles since January 2 2008 About us Explore the wiki Rules Style Guide Layout Guide Ranma Fan Fiction Wiki Ryoga Hibiki Hibiki Ry ga is Ranma Saotome 39 s eternal May 22 2019 Over 85 chapters buckle up this saga explores how everything could have turned out differently and also includes plenty of that great Tywin vs. Clearly a nod to Jon Snow s long stint with the Night s Watch this 40 chapter long beast of a A reading list for the best new books featuring Books that are targeted at adults but are likely to be of interest suitable for teens with links to full book information. It centers around a dimension traveling Ranma who ends up in a very elseworld y world. Mar 01 2020 10 fanfiction crossovers we really didn t see coming It 39 s mashup culture gone mad. A Firefly in the Pitch Black by shadowglove Firefly Pitch Black . I don 39 t like Akane but that 39 s my preferance. Com 13560 Best Fan Thestylishnomad. Back in the day Ranma 1 2 fanfiction was a big deal in anime fandom. Naruto Avengers Crossover Various Naruto x Reader After the Endgame Y n L n unintentionally became the possessor and user of the Mind Stone. Both are pretty well respected in the fanfic nbsp A page for describing FanficRecs Ranma . It was what the best authors seemed to right and for the life of me the only one I can remember is Heart of Ice. Harder for WICKED to track them that way. Can he really prove that the footage was real Ranma 1 2 x Negima crossover. So much so that I even wrote a few fanfics. Hellsing 108. They range from those that are very funny to those that are heartrending. D amp D Beyond A wiki for anything your mind can imagine and of course a 95 bit of Fan Fiction. I 39 m very interested in this topic myself but to the best of my knowledge nobody 39 s ever written such a crossover. Mar 17 2019 At the world of Pok mon a rich family with the name of Pierce was complex with legendary trainers and breeders the 10 years old Emma Pierce starting her journey with her yellow best friend a female Pikachu. Lovecraft fusion only from a different angle and with Time Travel and a few extra crossover elements Ranma Ah My Goddess to leaven the mix. Naruto crossover fanfiction archive. O. Ranma crossover fanfiction archive. Heiyun thought joining the Mar 04 2016 Ha I have read quite a bit of Tolkien fanfiction. Also A World of Bloody Evolution is a well written RWBY Warhammer 40k fanfic centering on Yang. 2021 Chevrolet Traverse Combined Fuel Economy One of the fun things about fanfiction is that you can merge two worlds that would otherwise never exist. You still will find a few Ranma Akane stories here since a good story is a good story afterall. try the ranma crossover archive at fanfiction. 3160 likes 728 talking about this. Sailor Trek A Borg to Remember 240k by Bill Harris Best Sites For Erotic Romantic Fan Fiction. T by Megane67 Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Ranma 1 2 Fan Fiction Genre s Comedy Fantasy Type Crossover Latest Revision April 16 2015 21 39 PDT Chapters 2 Words 28. Join Emma 39 s adventure into the Pok mon world with her friends. A Ranma 1 2 Final Fantasy crossover with Ranma falling in a different spring. Apr 05 2019 This fanfiction s title is intriguing enough to get a click from most Game of Thrones fans. Ficwad Oct 21 2018 Halo Fanfiction Master Chief And Cortana Lemon by Saum Hadi Posted on October 21 2018 Alphaguardian fanfiction a brief post on gender and gun swords the hooded utilitarian diary of a geek dad spartan woes this is my joystick nikkitheninja82 fanfiction nikkitheninja82 fanfiction To read about any crossover cameo or reference between two series search for the name of the two series with an uppercase quot X quot between them. ly 2rCglzY For news stories highlights and more Mar 21 2019 Pictures I 39 ve combined or illustrations I 39 ve done for my or other Fanfiction stories. Jennifer has written some other stories including many Sailor Moon moments. It housed gen fanfic recs in five categories Drama Humor Smarm Crossover and Misc of work by 79 authors. Unlimited Blade Works Crossover Fanfiction Vasto Lorde Ichigo Crossover Fanfiction Oct 27 2020 In short this is a list of Ranma 1 2 and Sailor Moon crossovers where Ranma is a Sailor Senshi specifically with the magical girl uniform from the latter series. Epic Movie Time Wiki Wiki dedicated to the most interesting films of all time some pages featured here on Fan Fiction Wiki. net. Been a while since I was part of the scene but it 39 s good to see that there 39 s preservation I slowly lost interest in Ranma fanfics plus their are far fewer new fics being written now Just another suggestion to add to the girly crossover section. Jul 29 2019 OMG you guys don 39 t you think this is the cutest thing ever Thanks to my fellow Pinner Syrerra Hamilton Join the fandom we need supporters For those of you who have been invited add tons of pins . A extreme fanfic that is a crossover of multiple different fandoms. 3K Summary So what happens when you take a cauldron of Ranma 1 2 and add a pinch of Sailor Moon This 39 fic attempts to blow the lid off of the seamy Dec 11 2016 By claymade Dark Lords of Nerima is as you can see a Ranma 1 2 crossover with Sailor Moon. Mar 1 2020 2 00 am One of the best categories on FanFiction. Some very good alternate beginning and Ranma Sailor Moon crossovers. The Education of Sansa Stark But I will warn you that Sansa is a very dark heroine in this tale. Oct 08 2020 Harry Potter universe is phenomenally popular among fanfiction writers and readers. It wouldn t be a best of Percy Jackson fanfiction if we didn t include a gender switch. net page. Aug 31 2020 A Game of Thrones fanfiction crossover The BEST Ending Early retirement in Westeros August 31 2020 April 26 2019 Characters on Game of Thrones don t seem to be doing too well for themselves lately Season 8 episode 3 right now . g. net is the crossover section. Updates June 16 2018. Ranma and Inuyasha crossover fanfiction archive with over 99 stories. Oct 19 2019 I 39 ve been reading Harry Potter fanfiction for decades. 2K Summary Ranma Saotome was a teen aged martial artist trained by his father Genma to become the Ranma and Akane move to Juuban to train under an old martial arts master there. It 39 ll take a while to download Those Who Hunt Ninjas. Apr 21 2008 To my knowledge this is the only fanfic by Luca Signorelli but it 39 s one of the most beautiful Ranma stories I 39 ve ever read. Genderbending Girl Genderbent Ranma 1 2 Reader Insert Creepypastas You know your Rumiko Takahashi 39 s greatest anime Inuyasha and Ranma you might call it a crossover but I call THIS a TRIPLE DECKER CROSSOVER 29 Jan 2000 Now if you want to read some really good fanfics then here are a few and the Ranma BubbleGum Crisis crossover quot The Circe Project quot . The Finale of the Ultimate Meta Mega Crossover by Eliezer Yudkowsky. Also a Ranma 1 2 story it does the thing many Ranma stories does and locks Ranma as a woman for an extended period. The ones I 39 m referring to on this page are the absolute best ones I have found that are about Ranma chan or Ranko. Witchblade crossover fanfiction archive. Pokemon Total Drama Island. Com 2019 The Charmed Angel Charmed crossover M M M F As The World Turns Sobriety is Overrated M M slash Lust At First Sight As The World Turns crossover M M slash Buffy The Vampire Slayer Worth it M m Moving Forward M f That Once Part 1 Angel crossover M M slash That Once Part 2 Angel crossover M M slash Angel 39 s Family Angel crossover M M Sep 07 2018 Naruto Rinnegan Crossover Fairy Tail Fanfiction by Saum Hadi Posted on September 7 2018 Kyuubigoku fanfiction dragonslayermasterkage fanfiction naruto saiyan00 fanfiction adventreader221 fanfiction bankaiminazuki fanfiction Oct 20 2014 Hi Assaf You re quite right most fan fiction authors won t encounter any legal problems and would most likely be fine if they did. Jun 02 2009 Survey First Place 1995 Best of Ranma Voting. Harry meets Ranma in neko ken and ends up being adopted by the Saotomes. Ranma finds certain fight footage on the internet and is lead to Mahora. net occasionally changes their links. This wiki is an encyclopedia about the Ranma franchise that anyone can edit. MSTing 39 Two Worlds Discovering Good Hearts 39 Summary This ABC Fanfic of the Week stars Shampoo from Ranma 1 2 as she suffers a horrific injury and is nbsp A Ranma 1 2 Final Fantasy crossover with Ranma falling in a different spring. Yeah guys I totally own One Piece and Ranma 1 2 unlike you people I have money resulting in the free time that I 39 m pathetically spending to please your short attention span. Fanfiction. The site has communities May 03 2015 My Fanfiction Recommendations by Fandom Generic warnin g Just because I like a story does not mean everyone else will like a story I rec. Apr 26 2017 The Harry Potter A Song of Ice and Fire and the Harry Potter Game of Thrones crossovers are pretty cool. Sorry about A little over sixteen years ago Hotaru Tomoe died a stillborn child. Take the commentary with a grain of salt. Non Anime Series. Fanfiction last updated 12 8 02 This is where I am hosting fanfiction for your reading enjoyment. Any new fan fiction projects will be added here so check this page periodically for updates. Two years later Ranma and Ukyou are searching for a cure for Shampoo. Mar 19 2020 Arguably the best known and recommended of these is FanFiction. Vasto Lorde Ichigo Crossover Fanfiction Get it through this link and both of us will get some free stuff to boost us along https link. anime. Ranma amp Genma start out dispossessed but Ranma is rather quickly given a Locust while Genma uses a Thunderbolt Akane drives a Panther Shampoo is a Anime Manga Fanfiction Mystery Crossover Inuyasha Black Butler Girl Mirror Ciel during his lessons finds a book about how Funtom Inc. arts. The incomparable Chris Davies shows the correct way to write a crossover story. Not to mention most of the characters are treated quite well. mediaminer. Ranma and Naruto crossover fanfiction archive with over 81 stories. Sort by Hot. The 2021 Honda Pilot is one of the best choices among midsize 3 row SUV crossovers because it excels in so many areas. They can be found at her fanfiction. Prologue quot No. The second is Vanishing Act a crossover between JoJo 39 s Bizarre Adventure and Persona 5 Category Xover lists all Ranma works of fan fiction that are crossovers combining the universe of Ranma with that of another fictional creation. Crossover 68232 Alternate Universe 11146 Crossover Pairings 7175 Angst 5280 Humor 5222 Alternate Universe Canon Divergence 4520 Fluff 4213 Romance 3722 Crack 3374 Crossovers amp Fandom Fusions 3236 Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. 4K Visits 8. Please enjoy them. It comes as no surprise that most stories are average at best and many are incomplete. blades crossover Part 1 A My Little Pony Fanfic SUBSCRIBE for more TheThings http bit. Read Read millions of stories for free Write Edit and nbsp . The status of all projects will be updated as they change. Note Constructive criticism only. but a reader who left a kudo followed me on twitter and i got introduced to her best friend in a discord server for writers. It was serialized in Weekly Sh nen Sunday from August 1987 to March 1996 with the chapters collected into 38 tank bon volumes by Shogakukan . 5 points 1 month There are a lot and I mean a lot of Ranma 1 2 Yu Yu Hakusho crossover fanfics. It was what the best and a large portion of authors seemed to might be able to suggest either are crossovers of one sort or another e. Strange as it sounds there was a time when this was its own genre. English Staff 1 Followers 13 Since 07 23 06 Founder Wolves in Twilight 169 The very best of Ranma with a a lots of evil Ranma story Ranma Saotome comes to Nerima to be engaged to one of Soun Tendo 39 s daughters. It is always not for profit stories written by fans and posted for free on the Internet for the enjoyment of other fans. A Place for all Good Ranma Stories. Welcome to Twilighted This is the first Twilight fan fiction site that welcomes all ships all ratings and all categories AU Crossover etc. Some fights but for the most part the characterizations and interactions are the best parts. Subscribe to my RSS Feed on the Current News Updates page also to get news on new projects and released updates. Diverging from the ending of Season 3 of Winx Club Valtor survives and tries to kill the Winx while they were weakened but the Specialists die in self sacrifice in order to save them. Both Nodoka and Kasumi smiled at his attempts at better manners though nbsp This is a OC from the Ranma fanfiction What Do You Want by polenicus. So far this fanfic shows a lot of potential especially with the multitude of characters. Ranma 110. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Ranma and Inuyasha universe. 2K 305 47. The worst part is that Bella seemed to expect it and had in fact been arguing with the man over other people in coffins with knives in their chests. Or at least those where he doesn 39 t get paired up with Akane or someone male. S. After Crossovers between various series. Anime gt Ranma 1 2 Add Story Published Authors 3269 24416 Crossover Stories 20955 25653 Answered Challenges 984 4600 Complete FFAs 2858 4401 Site code originally based on Storyline IO Designs 2002. WARNINGThis wiki contains spoilers and certain content on this wiki may not be suitable for younger viewers. org fanfic view_s ubmit View By Ryo Oki Ms. Second Spring Format Drama. May 05 2020 The next 12 best Harry Potter fanfiction stories below have surprised me with their creativity cheekiness and intensity. P gina dedicada a fanfics y fanarts de Ranma 1 2 a sus autores y fans. Not open for further replies. Check out the other fics by most of these authors as they are usually very good. Jun 21 2018 Thinking about it has there been any good Ranma crossovers I mean both series are comedies with absurd happenings staffed with comedic idiots constantly getting in each other 39 s way. Apr 10 2018 Recent threadmarks 39 Samurai Campoine 39 Ranma 1 2 X Campoine by Ten Faced Paladin 39 The Fourth School of Anything Goes Martial Arts 39 DxD X Ranma 1 2 by RoboVolcano4 Ranma 1 2 X Beelzebub Xover by RoboVolcano4 Dark Tokyo by Vikramaditya Ranma Saotome meets Satsuki Kiry in by NotTheVaultBoy Ranma X BHA Snippet by Lost Star Half A Pervert RanmaXJitsuWa by Alhazred23 Ryouga Isekai to Houseki no Crossover with Ranma Status Dead Synopsis A spinoff of The Shadow Chronicles a Ranma fanfiction. FanFiction Realm A newly opened forum archive of fanfiction. Sep 07 2018 The little fairy reader x sasuke naruto and tail the divine writer fanfiction world s collide 1and 2 a naruto and fairy tail crossover family Best Fan In Thestylishnomad. Girl Days. For those who may not know the series which I 39 ve written fanfiction for I 39 ve provided an overview below. Family Jun 21 2017 Best longest one 39 s The Games We Play which starts out as a Gamer crossover with RWBY but becomes much larger in scope and more original. List of Type 2 Crossovers Edit Jul 27 2020 Comments An interesting twist on your typical Sailor Moon Ranma crossover in that it incorporates a fair number of the Ranma cast and Sailor Moon characters and does an interesting job mixing elements of the two universes together so that both universes feel richer for it. FanFiction. Trembling she left the chamber with Anthony Goldstein Gregory Goyle and Daphne Greengrass. But anyway you can find some of my stories here to enjoy. 15 The Arrowverse There have already been multiple crossovers and spin offs since Oliver Queen Stephen Amell first burst onto the small screen with his solo series in 2012. Make an account and find the matching category for your work 39 s source material. Nov 01 2009 Crossover Fanfiction has several SG 1 and Atlantis crossover fanfiction Supernatural Crossover Fanfiction has a small amount of Stargate crossover fanfiction Tth Stargate Crossover Section Twisting the Hellmouth Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fanfiction has their own Stargate section with over 1100 Buffy Stargate stories. A crossover between Ranma 1 2 and Pokemon STATUS Ongoing Click on the title to get to the story. net to bring you only the best Ranma xShampoo fanfiction out there. None of these are mine and I clam no ownership of them. Reposting earlier chapters due to FFnet 39 s format change. Run Ranma Run Part 1. Ranma crossover fanfiction archive with over 2 124 stories. of Twilight fan fiction as long as it is well written. I 39 ve been looking for a good Ranma Inuyasha crossover and I found this one and nbsp 938 The Best of Times by Ozzallos Ranma discovers why his life at the Tendo Temple The original version of my demon Ranma crossover with Sailor Moon. The only Ranma fanfics I ever really got into were the Daigakusei no Ranma Daigakusei no Ukyou series. Hawk Messed Up A crossover with Ranma 1 2 and Sailor Moon STATUS Ongoing Click on the title to get to the story. Considering I wrote one myself and I like this better says something. At one stage it 39 d become pretty stale with a lot of fics where Harry got transported to the North and became unnaturally loyal to the Starks Jun 29 2018 Best of Sentinel Fanfiction on the Web was a Sentinel recommendations page. And if you ever wondered what the Percy Jackson Universe would be like IF Kronos had won then read on. Resources Commentary Pages. Note this is the complete story and is 226. com Sword Art Online Unlimited Blade Works Fanfiction. Refine by tag 1. Old C title 39 Good Ranma NONAkane matchup stories 39 . By the way I write only for my own pleasure and to annoy my kids humm though that 39 s a bit redundant as it 39 s fun to annoy my kids anyway. It s always best to know your rights the rules going in though and I m sure there are many writers out there who a don t want to get as far as someone considering the burden of proof and b wouldn t want to offend their favourite creators. Aug 27 2005 For all prospective writers out there. quot A voice called out quot No no no no NO I 39 ll post the favorites I can remember Shampoo 1 2 One of the best completed Ranma fanfictions IMHO. Kingdom Hearts is great and all but how about these Disney Channel crossovers We re looking at the Disney Channel s best series team ups surprising come t Jan 18 2019 Recommendations ASoIaF si OC crossover fanfiction. Apr 01 2008 What are the Best Ranma 1 2 fanfics Back in the day Ranma 1 2 fanfiction was a big deal in anime fanfiction. This one involves BubbleGum Crisis and Crystal Tokyo. The Green Castle One Night Sister Act Cat Scratch Fever Cat Burglars Ranma 1 2 amp Video Girl Ai VideoGirl Ranma 1 2 amp Red Shoe Diary Red Shoe Kasumi Fatal Fury amp Rurouni Kenshin Kage No Mai Fluff Reawakening Pfil 39 s Spider Troubles Wow My Goddess Koi No Tane Divine Passion Changes on 08 13 1997 Multipart 5 parts. Net often abbreviated as FF. May 13 2020 The Havoc Side of the Force by Tsu Doh Nimh Harry Potter and Star Wars 39 Anakin Skywalker meet in one of the fandom 39 s most popular crossover fics with over 15 000 favorites on Fanfiction. Want to discover art related to crossover Check out inspiring examples of crossover artwork on DeviantArt and get inspired by our community of talented artists. Ranma fanfiction by Cloud Dreamer Three of my sons introduced me to Ranma over Christmas 39 97 and I immediately became a fan. While there Jadeite now free from his crystal prison begins assaulting the prefecture and after much soul searching and the kidnapping of Akane Ranma is awakened as Sailor Sun to help stop him. Anything is possible. another crossover I liked was the Ranma 1 2 crossover which re imagined the various Ranma characters as members of the Draconic Combine circa 3025 but still having their infamous curses. Only requirements are good writing decent length 20k word minimum and just email me when you want in. Years after the end of the series Ryouga and Ukyou try to overcome their old pain by facing the most grueling challenge offered by nature the ascent of the K 2 mountain. Here my companion C communities 39 RanmaXOVER 39 C 10880 39 RanmaSailormoon Crossovers 39 C 14630 39 Ranmas 39 Best without Akane 39 C 16296. The Games we Play is a long decently written crossover between RWBY and The Gamer probably one of the best crossovers for RWBY. Rating T See full list on jusenkyo. Rowling Jan 19 2006 Best Crossover FanFiction. Pairings Ranma Rei Minako Mamoru Usagi Rei Usagi Mokoto OC and others. So much so in fact that titles like Netflix s Marvel superhero series Daredevil Jessica Jones Luke Cage and Iron Fist used character crossovers as primary plot tactics to remind us that they operate in a larger story together even before The Defenders pictured above officially A Sailor Moon Batman crossover that rings very true to a real Sailor Moon episode. Categories Crossover Inner Senshi First Season Action. X Research source The website has an exhaustive list of different categories genres and crossovers your work may fit into. Discussion in 39 I 39 m Looking For 39 started by babywolf Jan 18 2019. html nbsp 4 1 08 ashez2ashes. The first is From Exclusion to Fantastic Zones a crossover between Gate and the S. Endless Consequences by Kathy Ranma 1 2 x Sandman Crossover quot Everyone comes for Death nbsp Read millions of stories for free and publish on the go via the world 39 s first and largest fanfiction archive. Sunshine Temple 39 s Fiction Blog A blog where I have some previews and plan to have OC fiction previews. Ranma Club is a crossover between Ranma and Winx Club by Frequent Reader. 7K Visits 1. My old fanfiction can be found under Ozma914 over at fanfiction. gz files since everything here is gzipped. Word of warning most of the stories in this are M rated. There are not only thousands of fan written stories available to read online but also multiple websites dedicated to hosting Harry Potter fics of all lengths and genres. E. Browse through and read or take ranma saotome stories quizzes and other creations. They may not be your typical Harry Potter fanfics but they each have an interesting thought provoking story to tell. Can he and Ranma overcome the challenges they will face with the destiny of the spring they fell into Rated Fiction K English Ranma Harry P. He has to master it in two days otherwise he loses and becomes a girl for the rest of his life and Crossover with Ranma Status Dead last updated February 2012 Synopsis A demon 39 s last act of spite sends Ranma Ryoga and Mousse on a rather unexpected journey. Most of it is dreck but contrary to popular belief some of it is excellently written even professional in quality. Apr 28 2015 All Sentinel stories that feature characters not from The Sentinel are found here whether fusions or crossovers. It also has one of the funniest scenes in a story I 39 ve ever read. The authors haven 39 t updated in years and I don 39 t think the they finished it but since you asked I 39 d recommend giving it a read. Welcome to the Ranma section of Fanfiction Central Here you will find links to archives lists forums amp fics all to do with a Ranma crossover of some kind. Here are the 15 Best TV Crossover Episodes Of All Time. List the quote why you shared it and credit the story and author. Comments A Fate Prototype and Fate Apocrypha crossover fanfic containing oth Vasto Lorde Ichigo Crossover Fanfiction May 21 2007 Adventure Ranma Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crossover. R. In addition to Ranma and Tenchi Muyo this story incorporates elements and characters from Slayers Naruto and Sailor Moon among other sources. It does a great job showcasing how the separate worlds interact with each other. The ultimate final attack. Some of these aren 39 t finished but I made sure to link those most likely to actually be completed by their authors. Change One LIttle Thing and That s How you Get AU Ocean s Wings by lyricalgurl8. Add to library 49 Discussion 7. The Iris Tales My favorite permalocked Ranma story. Ranma finds himself challenged by his cousin Emiko saotome. A month after The Cullens leave in New Moon Alice sees Bella being stabbed by an unknown man. If Ranma goes he will have to master the strongest attack in the Saotome school of anything goes martial arts. Include crossovers Exclude crossovers Show only crossovers Completion Status Oct 23 2020 An Archive of Our Own a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Reborn as Karin Uzumaki naruto fanfic HIAT 23. I think I 39 d rather have Ranma find something out while in the feudal period that leads to him making changes in his life and alters his view on a few people. Final Fantasy All Series 2015 Pokemon 880 Harry Potter Series 766 Sonic Series 706 Kingdom Hearts 665 Avatar The Last Airbender 227 Teen Titans 216 Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Ranma 1 2 Fan Fiction Crossover Fan Fiction The Goddess Dilemma Y Young Adult Not suitable for readers under 16 By Jim Ohki Jun 16 2013 Fanfic is an immersive collaborative world and to be just a reader of it is to miss a lot of what makes it tick writers taking prompts writing stories for friends beta reading each others Fanfiction Stories . Usagi and Ranma were childhood friends Setsuna and Makoto are sisters who 39 s parents were Goku and Aeries. Post your stories and ideas for stories here for others to read and give constructive criticism on. I have a two way tie for the best crossover fic I 39 ve read. It 39 s more serious than most fan fiction and the writing actually gets better as it goes on. Open Unmoderated Recent works The Apocalyptic Adventures by This is just a small selection of well written stories. I was in full on nostalgia mode. com rfics. Discussion in 39 Award Winners 2006 39 started by Zevrillion Dec 26 2005. Net The ultimate fanfiction archive on the net. It was a subpage of Sensory Overload created and maintained by Robyn and Becky. so the new Watcher s Council sends one of their best and most stubborn Crossover With Non anime Series Fan Fiction Ranma 1 2 Fan Fiction Ranma X P Pre Teen By HVulpes Here 39 s is my X men Evolution ranma fic. I am working towards making ePub format based versions of my fan fiction. Jun 20 2016 The fanfiction community has you covered there too Getting paid to go back and read some of the best pieces of Harry Potter fanfiction was the highlight of my week. Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. Oh and it 39 s set immediately after World War II in a very Alternate Universe . Crossover can refer to one of the Big crossover between FF7 DBZ Sailormoon Ranma. If on a series usually only the first one is posted. The author uses copyrighted characters settings or other intellectual properties from the original creator s as a basis for their writing. Once freed he finds himself wielding great but uncontrollable powers and must nbsp The Dark Lords of Nerima Chapter 1 Sniper 39 s Gambit a Sailor Moon Ranma Crossover fanfic As the link suggests it is a Ranma 1 2 and Sailor Moon nbsp Authors webpage visit authors webpage for more great fanfiction synpo A Ranma 1 2 Multiverse Crossover and Alternate Universe crossovers include Sailor nbsp 22 Feb 2017 http www. Notes Link on the author 39 s website. K. It was founded on October 15 1998 2 by Los Angeles computer programmer Xing Li who also runs the site. Here s a short summary of the manga for Ranma Street Fighter crossover Fanfiction Federation Avengers crossover fanfiction archive. Summary River and Kaylee end up on the ship that crashes on the monster filled planet in Pitch Black. 2K Stories. RAAC Ranma Fanfic Archive the official archive the rec. Twilighted is staffed with highly educated Beta Readers who will read and approve those submissions that meet our standards for quality writing. 1 day ago This week on The Collider Podcast we re joined by The Witching Hour hosts Perri Nemiroff and Haleigh Foutch to talk about the state of horror in 2020. CrazyDan FR18 Chapters 1 Words 2 565 Anime gt Ranma 1 2 Add Story Published Authors 3269 24413 Crossover Stories 20952 25649 Answered Challenges 984 4598 Complete FFAs 2858 4401 Site code originally based on Storyline IO Designs 2002. com Many crossovers old and new fanfiction can be found within. eight months later and we 39 re now dating. Short stories of the rumic gang being dorks and best friends this gang is formed by the rumic nbsp 31 Jul 2016 I found turning the wheel to be a better story possibly because it was less dark but mostly because it was just tighter. Ranma Saotome1 a pen name for writer Mike Rhea author of Okonomiyaki Summer. Now they must adapt to an existence in a world foreign to them where their martial arts skills attract a rather dangerous sort of attention. An alternative universe story in which young Ranma Saotome makes a rather significant decision. What are your favorite fandom crossovers in fanfiction Examples Sailor Moon Dragon Ball Z Harry Potter Fullmetal Alchemist Good question Holly. RanmaSolo a Ranma Fanfiction Quotes 43 A forum to share your favorite quotes from Ranma fan fiction. fandom. Her Motives A Haikyuu Fanfiction by T. For example to read about interactions between the Mario series and the Zelda series look for Mario X Zelda. Sep 21 2019 Melody Spires was a desperate girl. babywolf Active Member. Whatever the origin crossover plot tactics are extremely lucrative for the entertainment industry. Dec 01 2017 Ranma finds himself challenged by his cousin Emiko saotome. This is my list of the best Harry Daphne fanfics that are complete. Best of All the Years 84k by Chris Davies. I guess there 39 s the simple Ranma dies and gets transported to Konosuba. Join us for this long epic confusing adventure into the world of Ranma 1 2 sort of . Hot New 1. level 1. Her actions include mass murder burning at the stake impalement crucifixion poisonin The storyline is sam has a vision of stiles being in Hell amp the boys set out to go save him but once they get to beacon hills they realize it 39 s more complica Sep 29 2011 Re Best Stargate crossover fics So does anyone know any good Replicator fanfiction I would like to know if there are any fanfiction stories of the Replicators vs the Borg or the Star Trek universe because I have found several Ori vs Star Wars fanfics but never Replicators vs Star Trek or Star Wars ones. In order to protect it from evil entities once more she and Peter Parker are sent from their lives in New York City to a different universe in Konoha Jan 01 2015 For the best experience and then move to France. Just because I enjoy certain tropes or kinks or plots does not mean that you will like all of my recs. The Phenomenon of Daphne Greengrass quot Hermione s name was called. Jan 19 2006 Best Crossover FanFiction. Destiny 39 s nbsp Im glad i did though since it turned out to be one of the absolute best fics Ive ever Type Crossover Sailor Moon Tenchi myo Pairings Ranma Tenchi Author nbsp A Magic Knight Rayearth Ranma crossover the only bad thing about this series I like the fact that Akane is cursed however her being as good as Ranma in the nbsp is the list of the best mini series continuing series Ranma fanfiction I 39 ve ever read An amusing and amazingly well written Ranma Sailor Moon crossover fic . L. First definition Fanfiction is when someone takes either the story or characters or both of a certain piece of work whether it be a novel tv show movie etc and create their own story based on it. net and includes such things as a meeting between Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Abstract The sequel to Autumn and Spring. River must keep Kaylee safe keep her identity secret from Johns explore her attraction to Riddick oh yeah and NOT get eaten in the proce Aug 20 2013 Welcome to my website. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Naruto universe. Which is a rather common one only DBZxSailor Moon has more . Most of the stories found here are Ranma 1 2 crossover 39 s. No this doesn 39 t mean that I plan on starting a new round I 39 ve been lost to the Legends of Tomorrow fandom but the guilt has been weighing on me. Sep 29 2011 Re Best Stargate crossover fics So does anyone know any good Replicator fanfiction I would like to know if there are any fanfiction stories of the Replicators vs the Borg or the Star Trek universe because I have found several Ori vs Star Wars fanfics but never Replicators vs Star Trek or Star Wars ones. net directly and search for my name. I grew up reading Ranma 1 2 fanfiction. A Sailor Moon Ranma Cthulhu Mythos crossover fanfic. Ranma author of Ranma 39 s Past Returns. god naruto rwby fanfiction Fan History Wiki dedicated to the history of fanfic and fandom Masked Fan Fiction Fan Fiction Archive Fan Fiction information On Wikipedia On Ao3 exists a wonderful FanFiction. A. With a small income and a habit of being a clutz and getting fired from her jobs she consults a local newspaper only to learn that a robotics factory needed someone to work the nightguard shift which she takes happily. HInako is sick Hung Nguyen has quite a few good Ranma crossovers 7 Oct 2000 Fire 39 s Fanfics. The collaborated screencaps are from Disney movies where the photos I think represent similar emotions facial expressions scenarios or my imagination if the two were combined. it was my first work in english published on the internet and i was nervous about it. be OIWVyjmT008 New Characters Introd Ranma kun Anime Addventure 44003 Ranma s Cute Kryn Pleasures of the Flesh and Fur Anime Addventure 45370 Cheetah Ranma amp the Princesses Now We Know Why Kryns Love Cheetahs Feb 22 2019 Choose the two fandoms wisely. Thanks to everyone who voted _ 11 28 01 Added new fic quot Cool Mornings quot Best Harry Potter Crossovers found so far. 5. Check out Kyrie 39 s best crossover vs every NBA Team throughout his career. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Ranma universe. Chapters 11 Words 52 426 Reviews 181 Favs 235 Follows 216 Updated 3 3 2016 Published 6 16 2003 id Ranma chan and Ranko fanfiction I have read literally hundreds of Ranma 1 2 fan fiction pieces. Fan fiction or fanfiction also abbreviated to fan fic fanfic fic or ff is fictional writing written by fans commonly of an existing work of fiction. A crossover between three of Rumiko Takahashi 39 s manga series Ranma 1 2 Maison Ikkoku The Guide To Writing Really Really Good Fanfiction Fanpop Search results for 39 Ranma y akane 39 Inuyasha Old Anime Manga ahora ser un Fanfic basado en el anime de Ranma 1 2 este proyecto lo Anime Crossover Cute Pokemon Pokemon Fan Inuyasha Sailor Moon 90 Anime. ly TheThingsSub What Happened To Anna After Happily Ever After https youtu. quot The Return quot won quot Best Alias quot and quot Best Uniform in a Fukufic quot in the 2005 Fukufics Awards. Ranma 1 2 Oct 26 2009 Sure Ranma would help particularly if asked and I could have Ranma try to play match maker for Inuyasha and Kagome or Sango and Miroku Ranma does attempt to hook people up in the manga . It only took me 2 1 2 years but the Master List of Winners has finally been updated. Completed November 20 2017 FidanzaStyle . Proof that the remaining 10 is worth falling into a Jusenkyo spring for here. They were old by the time I started reading them back in like 2002 but still are pretty good. video game series. T. net when fanfiction was centred around the FFML nbsp Fanfics y Fanarts de Ranma Latino. To explore more recent efforts try the dedicated Sailor Moon Crossovers category at FanFiction. Those Who Hunt Ninjas won Best OneShot Fanfic for July 2000 and 3r place in the Best OneShot for the year 2000 in the Best of Ranma FanFiction Awards. What is crossover car The best crossover is Nissan Quashqai and second best is Peugeot 3008. started and a finds out a lot more about a mysterious girl that seems to be connected to his butler Sebastian and about a mirror that was never destroyed in the Phantomhive fire. Phillip Masters Anime Fanfics Gallery Fanfic anything go here Ranma 1 2 The Dragon 39 s Dawning FanFic Series Another Fanfic site. Note You need something that can unzip . Anima city can be a crazy and energetic place. T by Winds of Change Pretty Cure Fan Fiction Crossover Fan Fiction Ranma 1 2 Fan Fiction Genre s Shoujo Martial Arts Adventure Type Crossover Latest Revision August 07 2010 22 00 PDT Chapters 7 Words 141. If an internal link led you here you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Review The Second Annual Taleswapper Awards for Best Ranma Fan Fiction 1996 Review Comments on Recent Ranma 1 2 Fan Fiction 1996 Seasons Series Review Taleswapper 39 s Hall of Fame 1996 Induction Ranma Fanfiction Links. If the fandoms that you are writing for are commonly known to be at odds with one another or dislike each other you might want to avoid writing a fanfiction in which those two fandoms crossover as you and your fanfiction might attract negative attention from fans of both. It reads quot Mario cross Zelda quot To be sure to fully understand how crossovers work on this Wiki be sure to read the pages in the Crossover rules Memories Teen Wolf Maze Runner crossover fanfiction Fanfiction. Ranma Saotome one of the cast of Ranma . Joined May 5 2016 Sep 07 2020 The Education of Sansa Stark by aldojlc is a damn good read. Destiny 39 s Child. 21 Apr 2008 In which Ranma trains to overcome his greatest weakness while Nabiki A quot crossover quot of sorts with the Ranma cast as characters who are nbsp 24 Apr 2011 Picture for my Bleach and Ranma 1 2 Crossover Fanfic Ranko Ranma has knowledge of how to wield a katana with great skill but she is not nbsp 16 Aug 2017 It works because Ranma making the best of the situation is a central element Basically think of it as just the beginning of a multi way crossover with era before Fanfiction. Ranma Muyo Fate and Destiny Homepage Long have some of the best fanfic ever. Thomas and Minho escaped Newt got fixed they all went their separate ways. But the cure may come with an unexpected price Awards Apr 10 2018 The only Ranma 1 2 Monstergirl fanfic that I 39 m aware of is one crossing Ranma over into the world of Monstergirl Quest which can be found on both FFN explicit material cut and AO3 uncut versions . During the late 1990s I wrote a lot of fanfiction based on Ranma 1 2 by Rumiko Takahashi. RanmaS author of Terran 39 s Arrival. Only WICKED manages to dragging Thomas back to the maze wiping his memory clean of anything that isn 39 t strictly WICKED. This is the intra fan fiction crossover and is typified by stories such as Definitions of Hell which crosses the fictional universes of Thy Inward Love and Thy Outward Part . Synopsis Another take on the H. Note that Fanfiction. quot Cool quot Donny 39 s Anime Fanfic Archive If you think Long fanfic was good check Donny Fanfic Fanfiction is stories written by fans of a particular author or series based on characters and situations from that series. English Topics 4 Since 12 20 05 Sleepingbear Basically Ranma stories where Ranma is a little different serious fics comedy all are welcome. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Avengers universe. But in this story he comes with a dark secret which may cause the death of people around him An alternate Ranma verse where Ranma is the villain of the series instead of the hero by Mike Loader and Susan Doenime Status Completed. These are recommendations made by nbsp 6 Feb 2009 I 39 m looking for some good Ranma 1 2 fanfics to add to my bookmarks as there For lots of crossovers check out http ranmafics. Ranma Japanese 1 2 Hepburn Ranma Nibun no Ichi pronounced Ranma One Half is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Witchblade universe. No seriously One Piece is owned by Eiichiro Oda Praise the man and Ranma 1 2 is owned by Rumiko Takahashi. Here my companion C communities 39 RanmaXOVER 39 C 10880 39 RanmaSailormoon Crossovers 39 C nbsp Ranma crossover fanfiction archive with over 2134 stories. absolute fave COMPLETED Alternity by legion While waiting for Blair to become Jim 39 s official partner life takes a turn that neither could have ever anticipated thanks to a secret hidden deep in Cheyenne Mountain. This article is a disambiguation page for Crossover The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. author of Dew on the Grass. P. Aug 27 2018 Halo Fanfiction Crossover Star Wars by Saum Hadi Posted on August 27 2018 The helghast marine fanfiction ironsaint98 fanfiction halo fanfic poster by lordarcheronvoad on deviantart halo star wars crossovers by odst105 on deviantart wizard of oz and star wars yu gi oh set Oct 13 2014 Oct 13 2014 Fanfiction Vash Inuyasha 39 Edward and Ranma. Unlike most though this series keeps the characters Ranma about mid way through the manga and Sailor Moon with only the first 3 Senshi in character with some good interactions. com Oct 24 2016 The Dark Lords of Nerima Chapter 1 Sniper 39 s Gambit a Sailor Moon Ranma Crossover fanfic As the link suggests it is a Ranma 1 2 and Sailor Moon crossover with 2 sequels. Pay attention to any tags on stories and in summaries. Nothing has been going on much in Konoha but Kakashi wants to send to few member Godlike Percy Jackson Crossover Fanfiction Hey Send fanfiction prompts to my ask box inbox if I know the material well enough I will write a oneshot based on each prompt i posted an oneshot of a wlw rarepair in my fandom back in february. What does this have to do with Ranma Saotome Quite a lot as it turns out. This include worse best funniest most emotional ect. Please read and review. Type Crossover Sailor Moon Tenchi myo Pairings Ranma Tenchi Author Trimatter Rating 10 10 Status incomplete Story ffnet Story webpage Destiny 39 s child Summery In the late 16th century Genma took his son Ranma to the training ground at Jusenkyo. We talk about horror getting discovered on Old C title 39 Good Ranma NONAkane matchup stories 39 . The award graphics created for the contest are too large to show on this page. best. May 11 2009 Page 2 of the Anime gt Ranma 1 2 category 24 stories at Twisting the Hellmouth. net or FFN is an automated fan fiction archive site. No protecting the guilty. You don 39 t even need to know RWBY to appreciate it I didn 39 t. Shampoo and Ranma both gender bend upon aquatic submersion. Apr 10 2018 Recent threadmarks Ranma X GXP Crossover New 39 Parahuman 1 2 39 by Orwellington 39 Nerima is not the safest place for crime 39 by htgriffin 39 Samurai Campoine 39 Ranma 1 2 X Campoine by Ten Faced Paladin 39 The Fourth School of Anything Goes Martial Arts 39 DxD X Ranma 1 2 by RoboVolcano4 Ranma 1 2 X Beelzebub Xover by RoboVolcano4 Dark Tokyo by Vikramaditya Ranma Saotome meets Satsuki Kiry in by I finished reading Sakura Ganbaru only two volumes and I m sure it would make for a great Ranma crossover. Basically Ranma stories where Ranma is a little different serious fics comedy all are welcome. Subscribe to the NBA http bit. Rursus Iterum won first place in the crossover miniseries category at the Best of Ranma Fan Fiction awards for the month of January 2002. Who was the best crossover the history of the NBA I noticed most of the other definitions here completely trash fanfiction. Don 39 t assume that a low crossover count means not many crossovers to read. It is after all just my opinion. quot Order of the Phoenix J. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yu Gi Oh GX See full list on jusenkyo. I actually knew nothing about other fandoms because I don amp 039 t follow them. Dragonlord Star of War A crossover between Ranma 1 2 and Fist of the North Star STATUS Ongoing Click on the title to get to the story. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Ranma and Naruto universe. He has to master it in two days otherwise he loses and becomes a girl for the rest of his life and Category Futaba kun Change lists all Ranma works of fan fiction that are crossovers with Futaba kun Change. There 39 s also crossover fan fiction which combines elements and characters from a variety of different works and genres . Ranma can refer to one of the following Ranma the manga and anime series by Rumiko Takahashi. Arya banter that was the best part of Season 2. If the links on this page are broken try the main link above or go to Fanfiction. Suffering under the curse of nbsp 3 Aug 2012 I seem to be enjoying crossovers more than pure Ranma fics as well for for Ranma fanfiction remember that the bulk of it including the good nbsp enough of a divergence to actually be an alternate probably a crossover as well. Type 2 Crossover Edit. To quot revive quot them Faragonda commits a taboo and heads to Earth in the past where First Place Best Ranma One Shot of Month January 1998 Fifth Place Best Ranma One Shot of Year 1998 Link Read the Story. 0 5 0 votes. Some of the works are individual pieces and some are series. best ranma crossover fanfiction


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